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But how can this immediacy be felt? Absolute trust and true comfort with “not knowing.” Ah, trust. That’s a tricky one these days. All around us, venerable institutions, laws, and constructs for how we operate our lives are crumbling. “There are no words to describe the pure evil that we witnessed in Sutherland Springs today,” Abbott said. “Our hearts are heavy at the anguish in this small town, but in time of tragedy, we see the very best of Texas. May God comfort those who’ve lost a loved one, and may God heal the hurt in our communities.”.

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Four Factors required to withdraw guilty plea State v. Slater 198 NJ 145 (2009) Judges are to consider and balance four factors in evaluating motions to withdraw a guilty plea: (1) whether the defendant has asserted a colorable claim of innocence; (2) the nature and strength of the defendant s reasons for withdrawal; (3) the existence of a plea bargain; and (4) whether withdrawal could result in unfair prejudice to the State or unfair advantage to the accused. This defendant has met his burden and is entitled to withdraw his guilty plea in the interest of justice.

A varied customer segment provides a sustainable base; it never wise to rely on just one type of customer. Think back to when Japan economy has experienced turbulence, and that impact on Hawaii tourism vendors who relied heavily on Japanese tourists.Signing up to offer mobile payment solutions such as WeChat Pay is a fruit, says Wong, for all Hawaii businesses interested in marketing to the Chinese and capturing more of their wallet. Example, as a vendor offering WeChat Pay, it is an opening to multiple opportunities within the WeChat eco system from business listing to instant brand recognition, as well as direct and more effective marketing messaging to the WeChat user.

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700 YEARS OF THE GUITAR: Eric Symons, a composer who specializes in the Spanish tradition of guitar, and Corey Whitehead, a flamenco and classical guitar teacher and assistant professor of music at Cal State U. Fresno, will be discussing the origins of guitar and demonstrating techniques from the classical period onward. Rm.

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He will be remembered forever as one of the best players to ever play basketball.3Michael Jordan, 32,292 points[7198]MJ! Michael Jordan, deemed by most as the most clutch player to ever play the game. Who could ever forget the heroics of Michael in “the flu” game. He scored 38 points while sick! Michael is the best player within the past few decades, and the only players that are even suggested to be close to his skill are Lebron James and Wilt Chamberlain.

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